ThreeAnchor launches first AMP political website in U.S.

AMP Website Power –

WASHINGTON – With an eye towards higher search engine rankings and mobile readers, American Principles Project became the first major political organization in America to adopt Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) website framework.

The organization’s new website is more than 420% faster than their previous non-AMP version.

Liberal websites— not AMP-valid
AMP valid political website

AMP Facts

AMP is a mobile-centered framework for building modern, user-friendly websites. The Google-supported standards have been adopted by The Washington Post, Pinterest, CNBC, Wired and others. Since website speed is a search ranking factor, AMP is also search-friendly.

APP home page
APP legislation page

AMP development

APP hired ThreeAnchor to design and develop the site, which included a branding overhaul. The process took more than five months to complete.

“A slow website costs us search engine visibility, emails sign-ups and money. AMP was the best digital investment we’ve ever made.”

—Terry Schilling

Political websites

Political advocacy organizations and think tanks yet to adopt AMP include, the National Rifle Association, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, Center for American Progress, the Democratic National Committee, Sierra Club and Brookings Institution.

Learn more about AMP here. For press-related questions, contact Paul Dupont at

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October 3, 2019

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